Rhyme flies when your having fun

In the words of Arnold Schwarzenegger “I’ll be back”…well actually I am back but I only realised that quote didn’t quite work after I’d typed it! Yes after a rather gruelling journey home, made worse by the fact that I thought my flight left London an hour earlier than it did, I was finally on my way home to desert life. Yesterday I was literally a cast member from the Walking Dead, after only sleeping for an hour on the plane, it was only the adrenalin of seeing Hubby that made me even function, upon landing Kuwait side at 6.30am.

So apologises dear reader, on getting this post a few days late this week, but quite frankly if I had attempted to write anything yesterday all you would have got was

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I’m functioning a little better today (espresso aided) and Facebook memories, reminded me that exactly 2 years ago we had left Prague and headed to Kuwait. So how apt that on that  anniversary, I was back on a plane to continue our Arabian adventure.

An ode to the desert 

Two years ago
we packed up our things,
leaving a city, for a new beginning.
We boarded the plane, saying goodbye
to four years of fun, it did make me cry.

Off to what seemed like a far away place,
the unknown, the new
and with only one suitcase.
How would I cope, for two months or more?
Without all my stuff,
shoes and handbags galore.

When we arrived the nerves hit my belly
My heart pounded fast
and my legs were like jelly.
No amount of planning,
could prepare me that day.
I just hoped we liked it
and would want to stay.

The heat hit me first,
it was 49,
Like a hairdryer blast
that made you go blind.
A heat like no other,
Spain this is not.
All I could think of was boy this is hot.

We settled in fast,
once the shipping arrived.
With our things all around us
I knew I’d survive.
Now friends were the next step,
to make life complete.
At coffees and lunches is where we would meet.

Our first year had flown,
Where did it go?
I was loving this life
and my new desert glow.
Hubby and I were content as could be.
This expat lark,
had become so easy.

My ladies that brunch,
are my weekly delight.
We consume pancakes and eggs,
not a crumb left in sight.
Such wonderful friends,
I could not do without.
We are in this together,
in case you’re in doubt.

The gym, sand and sun,
are the perks of out here.
What we have is unique,
that much is clear.
Who knew we would love it,
a much as we do,
It feels like the “norm”
not so scary and new.

The downsides are few,
but the distance is one.
Missing the family isn’t much fun.
I’m lucky enough,
to return to my isle.
Catch up with loved ones,
I’ve not seen in a while.

So as we enter
year two in Kuwait
I know it will fly,
before we are back at this date.
I am happy and thankful,
for all that this brings.
And it’s not over yet
’till the fat lady sings.

To all of you dear
that have been part of our journey,
thank you for making it
painless and easy.
To my wonderful husband,
that I call mine.
We did it my love
And without any wine!

To the year head,
and our life abroad.
Together, forever we will never be bored.
Arabian nights,
desert sands, sun and sea
Our adventure continues
happy desert-versary.




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