What the F

Wow I really don’t know where time is going, can you really believe that Christmas is nearly upon us dear readers? Writing this post a little late this week as well, life has got in the way and as the big day approaches things have started to run away with me and with a week left in little island haven, I am starting to panic and get uber emotional. But on a happy note, as I review the last week and all that’s happened only one thing springs to mind…..what the F?! Continue reading “What the F”


Split personality

Firstly, I would like to tell you that I turned up to lunch on the correct day this week and it was lovely. Secondly the curse of my chaotic mind continues, as I still managed to misread another message and was caught FaceTiming a friend, whilst doing my hair and make-up in preparation for said lunch. I don’t know what is wrong with me!? I’m blaming the fact that this isn’t my normal routine,  I’m outside of what has now become my everyday and whilst its still home (or one of them) and I’m comfortable, it is no longer my life. It’s caught me off kilter and I cant even blame the Baileys this year! So maybe my head is in the Christmas clouds, maybe it’s because I now live without a schedule, maybe all the Christmas scented candles have fogged my judgment or maybe I’m just getting further away from island life and the adjustment doesn’t come as easy?  Continue reading “Split personality”

Balancing act

Enjoying my time back on my little rock is not difficult. The familiarity of home, Hubby and I spending time together, family memories being captured and all wrapped up in the festive spirit. The difficulty arises when you want to enjoy everything about being home and even though I’m here a month I still feel like I’m on a countdown and under pressure to fit it all in. So how do you please yourself and please others without running yourself ragged? Continue reading “Balancing act”