Why the blog not!?

People often ask me why I started this blog. It’s quite simple really, I wanted a creative outlet, a new challenge and couldn’t put the idea of writing one off much longer. I didn’t know if anyone would read it but it was something just for me and I loved it. Then slowly but surely people back home started tapping in regularly, sending me feedback and loving the insight into my life away. Then “randoms” read, commented and quickly posts were being shared with other bloggers as well as amongst  the desert girls here in Kuwait. Now some people still don’t know its me and that’s fine as I prefer an air of mystery (I’m thinking a 50’s femme fatale, in a big hat and dark glasses) plus I won’t get evil looks round the pool, if I shout someone out, when retelling my encounters!  My Insta page look like I’m incognito and as an Ozzie gal put it

I know your feet really well!

So to the outside world I’m the adventurous Jersey Girl and I can run my mouth off, lay it bear without too much come back and so my blogging persona continues. Continue reading “Why the blog not!?”


A lesson learnt

I sit here battling with my desert wi-fi speed, which today seems to be the pace of a camel, and it dawned on me that exactly 6 years ago we made the decision to leave Jersey and head out on our expat adventures. Now Hubby was a seasoned nomad and the fact I got him to stay in Jersey for as long as he had, was a miracle, but as we sat in Pizza Hut (I know glam date nights we had in those days!) we decided a move was something we needed. So that October night, I knew my life was about to change and with all the nerves and anxiety my inner island girl had, I was also excited to step into the unknown. And there you have it, in that one singular moment over a pepperoni classic we’ve never looked back. So as I reminisce, I realise that actually the last 6 years have been a lot of fun, but I’ve learnt a hell of a lot about this expat lark and it will shape me for years to come. Continue reading “A lesson learnt”

Pumpkin spice and all things nice

On the first of October, I did what I do every month, I scrawled through Pinterest to find a nice image for my personal Insta page, I obsessively like to have some kind of order to my snaps. Anyway my crazy Virgo-isms are not the point in question and I stumbled across a glorious autumnal visual, uploaded, job done. Or so I thought. Later that week, my eagle eyed followers may have noticed that I posted a “throwback” shot from my life in Prague. A beautiful shot (even if I say so myself) I took one Sunday morning, as we strolled through our local park, the colours, the light just screamed the season, and for some reason that morning, in the desert,  I pined (trees, autumn, get it?!) for a seasonal change.  Continue reading “Pumpkin spice and all things nice”

We’re more than sun, sand and selfies

Finally the weather has started to cool off; I say cool off it’s still 36+ degrees most days but the mornings are lovely and so I have reinstated my poolside, post workout, sun worshipping. So last week, whilst I took in a moment to rest my achy muscles, I was joined by a few of my desert girls and we took full advantage of the perfect day. There was general chit chat and some self-deprecating humour about how lucky we were to have days like this. However this posed a quite serious conversation, as we realised to the outside world, at that moment, we were the picture of the expat wife cliché.  The question is, does anyone back home still see us for us, or is it all sun, sand and selfies? Continue reading “We’re more than sun, sand and selfies”

Don’t judge a book club by its cover!

You will be glad to hear that I am finally coming out of the depths of a cold and was able to get back into my desert social life. One of the highlights of last week was attending my monthly book club. Now before you roll your eyes, pass me off to the realms of middle age and shout Geek!  I’ll let you into a little secret.  Continue reading “Don’t judge a book club by its cover!”