Home sweet home

I am back in the motherland, which is making this Jersey girl very happy. You will be aware that I took a little blogging break last week, which was a little strange for me and seems like I’ve not written for ages, so its good to be back both in my island world and my blogging world.

The main reason for my trip back to my little isle is my new little niece. All my desert girls have lived through my sister’s pregnancy and our weekly brunches were filled with bump updates and they shared in my excitement when the little lady made her early appearance. So I was beside myself sitting in the desert knowing this little bundle of joy was waiting for her awesome auntie. So last Friday Hubby and I started that long arduous journey back to The Rock. Continue reading “Home sweet home”


Opportunity knocks

Well, I think I am just about over the shock of the political bomb shells that happened last week, so I start to think about this weeks post. Now sometimes this is a well planned out process, other times it’s on the hoof and whatever flows at the time. However, this week I had a vague idea about what I wanted to cover and it all steams from observing a lot of my desert girls over the last few months. Now before they scream in horror, thinking what the hell is she going to call us out on now, its all positive ladies so read on. Who knew that out of a decision to live some random life in the desert, that actually, for a lot of us, we would be forefilling dreams and ambitions far and above getting a tan and surviving. Continue reading “Opportunity knocks”