Sheer(an) delight & Dubai nights

There are moments in my expat life that will be firmly placed in the memory box. This weekend was one of those moments. A one-off, surreal, pinch yourself, special experience which will be very hard to forget.  Continue reading “Sheer(an) delight & Dubai nights”


A change is as good as a rest

Last weekend Hubby and I took ourselves off for a change of scenery. There is nothing wrong with Kuwait and 90% of the time we are more than happy with the laid back pace but every now and again you just need to get out.  It’s not like we are party animals or twenty somethings flying off for more exciting climes twice a month and actually we like the fact there isn’t loads to do. That laid back, slower paced life that Kuwait brings is perfectly adequate for us, but I am not going to lie, a chance to go to the bright lights of Dubai has me somewhat excited.  Continue reading “A change is as good as a rest”

The girl who cried (into) chicken

So I had a whole other post planned for today and then last night happened. It was our last night in Dubai and we had planned to return to The Scene (for the 2nd time in four days) for their EID special: an all day proper Sunday roast. Now this may not have been the most glamorous of nights out but when we spotted it on the menu, half way through our first meal, we both looked at each other with excitement – I know, a very rock and roll life we lead! Continue reading “The girl who cried (into) chicken”

Marmite of the Middle East

It’s Sunday morning here in the desert and I’m home from a much-needed change of scenery. Don’t get me wrong, I am more than happy in my little corner of the Gulf but even seasoned expats, and I suspect a few young Kuwaitis, agree that every now and again you need to escape to more exciting climes. My fellow Beans will totally get this and as lovely as our little island is, we all can get a little rock-strophobic and need to escape to the mainland. Well Hubby and I had got to the point where a little break from the everyday was needed and so, much to my delight, he booked us a little weekend to Dubai, which meant a change of scenery or in reality a change of sunbed, yummy food at our favourite haunts and a couple of drinks to end our current Kuwait dry spell.

In a previous post, Lifting the veil I describe Dubai as the Vegas of the Middle East and that it is far removed from my experiences of the other Gulf nations. Whilst some of my lovely readers would see this as a derogatory comment, I can assure you that I love Dubai and whilst the differences to Kuwait are endless and it is far from a true Arabian adventure, it offers an alternative that brings an exciting, vibrant, insight into modern Arabia. Continue reading “Marmite of the Middle East”