Pumpkin spice and all things nice

On the first of October, I did what I do every month, I scrawled through Pinterest to find a nice image for my personal Insta page, I obsessively like to have some kind of order to my snaps. Anyway my crazy Virgo-isms are not the point in question and I stumbled across a glorious autumnal visual, uploaded, job done. Or so I thought. Later that week, my eagle eyed followers may have noticed that I posted a “throwback” shot from my life in Prague. A beautiful shot (even if I say so myself) I took one Sunday morning, as we strolled through our local park, the colours, the light just screamed the season, and for some reason that morning, in the desert,  I pined (trees, autumn, get it?!) for a seasonal change.  Continue reading “Pumpkin spice and all things nice”


and the Oscar goes to…..

dreamstimeextrasmall_59129272Once the novelty of your new home wears off, lets face it it feels like a holiday for the first 2 weeks, you realise you can’t put it off any longer, you have to put yourself out there.

I know once I have been vetted and accepted into the fold, I can hardly shut up and become social secretary for all our engagements, and the people that know me would probably be surprised to know, that doing the whole meet and greet  is a nightmare to me….honest. . So begins the torturous weeks of making friends, it quite literally is the first day of school scenario, putting yourself up for scrutiny, first impressions count, praying in the taxi you won’t be left in the corner of the playground to play alone. Then hubby comes home that night asking, just like your anxious mum did 30 years ago, “did you meet anyone nice today?” Continue reading “and the Oscar goes to…..”


The tendency not to start anything until you have had a cup of coffee

Each morning I roll out of bed, looking like an extra from The Walking Dead and head straight to the kitchen, for what I like to call my shot to the system. As the daily ritual begins, my blurry eyes cast themselves over the little pods of nectar and I wait impatiently for my monogrammed (I know pathetic right, but this is what coffee does to me!?) espresso cup to fill.

In my defense I never used to be one of those people that refuse a coffee,when you pop in for a cuppa and find they only have instant. What kind of uptight snob does that? Me that’s who, I hold my hands up and say it’s not my fault, it’s the expat lurking inside of me. Continue reading “Procaffeinating”