Once upon a time…

Once upon a time there was a princess, who lived on a beautiful island. Every summer, after unicorn riding school was over, her cousin would travel across the sea from a far away land called England. The princesses loved their 8 weeks together and would plan trips around the island doing all their favourite things. But the place they loved the most was a little cove called Green Island, which sat in a small corner of the kingdoms eastern province and was home to the princesses’ castle (or house as they called it, although even by Jersey standards it was a pretty big house!). They would spend hours playing in the “house” whilst the queen watched from her sandy throne and supplied royal Mini Milks, to revive the little girls, as the afternoon drew in. This ritual went on until the little princesses grew up and their annual summers together came to end.

Many years later, the princesses had become accustomed to grabbing every opportunity they had to visit each other. Whilst one was travelling to strange and far off places, the other had stayed in her kingdom of England and had a little prince to keep her on her princess toes. So whenever they could, the family would meet in each others realms and when this was not possible, the frequent use of the magic iMirror was used to maintain their special bond.  Continue reading “Once upon a time…”


A 100 year journey

Firstly before I get full swing into this weeks post, can I just say I’m loving this weather, hence this post being a day late! At last the rain has left us and Jersey is doing what it does best, sun, sand and 99 ice creams (that’s the style not the number I’ve consumed) . This post is coming from my mum’s garden where you will be pleased to know the desert tan is being topped up, thank goodness as I was feeling positively ghostly. So high-five for the mini heat wave and I hope all my desert gals are enjoying this window of bearable heat before their return to the fire-pit.

So back to the main reason you are all here, it’s certainly not for my local weather report. During the last week I have had the opportunity and delight to absorb myself into proper catch ups with my mates. This is one of the things I love about coming home,  they are all here and it’s still touches me  that they are all still eager to see me, every trip back. So I pack the diary with multiple rendezvous and on some days even fit in a couple, as I flit like a social butterfly  between these special people. Continue reading “A 100 year journey”

All roads lead to…

It’s official, I’m two weeks into my summer holiday and I’m practically living on a diet of pork, gin and prosecco! The fact that I’m eating my way round the island and socialising over numerous dinners and lunches, it is no surprise that it’s getting to the point where I dare not put my jeans in the wash in fear they won’t go back on. My workout gear has sat in the bottom of my suitcase and just when I thought I should give it an outing my back has decided it had different ideas. So there is only one thing for it, keep enjoying my foodie trails and sweat it out in detox when I’m back in the desert heat. Continue reading “All roads lead to…”

Love island 

img_5518Adventures of Jersey Girl is now officially blogging from the motherland. Blogging HQ is now set up in my mum’s conservatory, even though she still smirks when I say I’m going to spend a morning writing whilst she is out and about. I’ve been back on my little island for just over a week now and apart from the rain, I’m loving everything that comes with being back on the Rock. It’s surprising how quickly I jump back into my old life and feels like I’ve never been away. So this is a little self-indulgent post about all the things I love and been up to, my first week back in Jersey. Continue reading “Love island “