The girl who cried (into) chicken

So I had a whole other post planned for today and then last night happened. It was our last night in Dubai and we had planned to return to The Scene (for the 2nd time in four days) for their EID special: an all day proper Sunday roast. Now this may not have been the most glamorous of nights out but when we spotted it on the menu, half way through our first meal, we both looked at each other with excitement – I know, a very rock and roll life we lead! Continue reading “The girl who cried (into) chicken”


All roads lead to…

It’s official, I’m two weeks into my summer holiday and I’m practically living on a diet of pork, gin and prosecco! The fact that I’m eating my way round the island and socialising over numerous dinners and lunches, it is no surprise that it’s getting to the point where I dare not put my jeans in the wash in fear they won’t go back on. My workout gear has sat in the bottom of my suitcase and just when I thought I should give it an outing my back has decided it had different ideas. So there is only one thing for it, keep enjoying my foodie trails and sweat it out in detox when I’m back in the desert heat. Continue reading “All roads lead to…”

Love island 

img_5518Adventures of Jersey Girl is now officially blogging from the motherland. Blogging HQ is now set up in my mum’s conservatory, even though she still smirks when I say I’m going to spend a morning writing whilst she is out and about. I’ve been back on my little island for just over a week now and apart from the rain, I’m loving everything that comes with being back on the Rock. It’s surprising how quickly I jump back into my old life and feels like I’ve never been away. So this is a little self-indulgent post about all the things I love and been up to, my first week back in Jersey. Continue reading “Love island “

Girls in the city 

This week the ladies that brunch reconvened for our weekly ritual of eggs, pancakes and gossip. As our social secretary, I took it upon myself to suggest a break from the norm, try something new and venture out of our local comfort zone . Much to my delight, my fellow desert gals agreed to partake and venture into Kuwait City to trial the aptly named Breakfast Club.


We piled into the car and our designated Italian driver loaded the GPS and took a deep breath to prepare for the journey ahead. As per my previous post driving in Kuwait is questionable and as our new addition to the club put it, it’s the Wacky Races. There are no rules, biggest car wins and you do everything you can to get to your destination avoiding catastrophe. I refuse to drive here so I have great respect for those that do and our driver did a sterling job, arriving in one piece and literally applauding the tire screech to steal the last parking space available, we certainly deserved the hearty breakfast we had all come hungry to try. Continue reading “Girls in the city “

Marmite of the Middle East

It’s Sunday morning here in the desert and I’m home from a much-needed change of scenery. Don’t get me wrong, I am more than happy in my little corner of the Gulf but even seasoned expats, and I suspect a few young Kuwaitis, agree that every now and again you need to escape to more exciting climes. My fellow Beans will totally get this and as lovely as our little island is, we all can get a little rock-strophobic and need to escape to the mainland. Well Hubby and I had got to the point where a little break from the everyday was needed and so, much to my delight, he booked us a little weekend to Dubai, which meant a change of scenery or in reality a change of sunbed, yummy food at our favourite haunts and a couple of drinks to end our current Kuwait dry spell.

In a previous post, Lifting the veil I describe Dubai as the Vegas of the Middle East and that it is far removed from my experiences of the other Gulf nations. Whilst some of my lovely readers would see this as a derogatory comment, I can assure you that I love Dubai and whilst the differences to Kuwait are endless and it is far from a true Arabian adventure, it offers an alternative that brings an exciting, vibrant, insight into modern Arabia. Continue reading “Marmite of the Middle East”

Good food, good life

I am one of those people who thinks about food all the time, it seems to be in my subconscious aiding every decision and I think my life is better for it. My Instagram page shamelessly posts my food experiences, and they are a reminder for me rather than the judgmental follower who rolls their eyes at yet another weird angled food shot. Food just like music, smells and books can evoke so many emotions and memories; that Greek taverna on your first holiday with the love of your life, the smell of turkey wafting on Christmas morning or knowing you will never touch another meatloaf again after the Home Ec class disaster. I have not always had a good relationship with food and I know too well that it can control your life in a negative way, but I’m a long way down the road and letting the past go and now I am happy to eat myself around the world. Continue reading “Good food, good life”

We’re not in Kansas anymore

This week, like many others, the need for retail therapy was calling me. For the last three weeks I have been laid up with a slipped disc, so when the earliest opportunity came, where I could walk again, albeit like a 80-year-old, I jumped for joy (not physically; the back wouldn’t allow it, but in my head it was a leap of elation) at the prospect of a girls trip to the mall. There isn’t a lot to do in Kuwait, but shopping is one of them and boy do they know how to do it.

Our day started early and we headed to The Avenues, 800+ stores all set in multiple themed areas to appease every shoppers need. The escalator took us down onto the palm tree lined boulevard, a perfectly brick paved road. Parisian street lamps buffer the beautiful store fronts, as they reach up to the glass roof flooding light onto to the glistening gold temple that is Harvey Nichs. Just like Dorothy catching a glimpse of the Emerald City, I felt my heart skip a beat the possibilities that lay ahead.

Toto, I’ve a feeling we’re not in Kansas anymore

Continue reading “We’re not in Kansas anymore”