Sunsets & Dreams

So I am back in the land of blog, I know you have missed my random musings. Now I am in no doubt, that you know that I have just returned from a trip of a lifetime. You have been enjoying (or enduring) my constant Insta spamming of all things Maldivian over the last 10 days, so it only felt right that my first blog post back, should be about my latest adventure to paradise.  So, sit back, grab a cuppa and I’ll tell you about dreams coming true (I know, just bear with me). Continue reading “Sunsets & Dreams”

Are we there yet?

Last Friday was a momentous day. One that had been on our minds for months. The debates had ensued about what direction we should go and the anticipation rose over recent weeks as the nerves kicked in. Then, as if out of no where the inevitable happened, the day had finally come, the waiting was over, no more talking around the subject…..we were going home!

We arrived at Kuwait airport, with as much excitement as the Icelandic team on Monday night (like my little topical analogy?!) Checking in with the usual amount  of cheek to see if an upgrade was possible, Hubby flashing his gold card like it  was Willy Wonker’s golden ticket. Alas on this occasion his charm eluded the check in staff and the plane was full. Once  airside all Ramadan restrictions lift, so as we practically ran to Starbucks, my mind was weighing up which delight I should order to satisfy my month long withdrawal. Continue reading “Are we there yet?”