About Me

Jersey; a small island in the English Channel, where cows, potatoes and curious patriotic locals called Beans coexist. I am one such bean, born and bred in one the of the jewels, if not a little claustrophobic bubbles, of the British isles.

Now in my (she coughs, takes a deep breath) mid thirties I find myself an expat wife, exploring the world and all its wonders.

This is my insight into travel, living abroad and everything inbetween

From Jersey….to Prague….currently Kuwait


4 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hello I’m organizing a get together for bloggers in Jersey in sept. If you’re around then I’d love for you to come. What’s your email address? Alternatively you can search Bloggers Get-Together on Fb and the group should pop up! Laura


    1. Hi Laura, I’ll be back in the land of sand next week, so will miss out on the catch up. I hope it goes well and I’ll join the group on FB for anything future get togethers that may tie in with my Jersey trips.


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