The greatest adventure

I, like the majority of the world, have become slightly obsessed with The Greatest Showman. There is something about this movie and its soundtrack that speaks to me, motivating me through desert workouts, making my baking sessions, a whole singing and dancing affair and rendering me to tears whenever I hear This is Me. However, the song that has me on an emotional edge, connects with me more than any other………Tightrope. And dear readers, it has become my very own expat anthem.

dreamstimeextrasmall_52735866When Hubby and I saw the movie at the cinema, we got to the moment that Michelle Williams serenades us and  Hubby reaches over and squeezes my hand. Every single word of this song, seemed like it was written for us, a direct explanation for this life we are living and the adventures ahead.

Some people long for a life that is simple and planned, tied with a ribbon 

Nope, not us. We and most expats, I know, seem to want to run from conformity and everything that is deemed “normal”. Of course to us our life is normal but as I have said before, this life is difficult for some to even get their heads around. It’s not the norm, safe, the childhood image of adult life. I never saw this option. But here I am on this path, that would have seemed so alien years ago but now part of me. So far from a simpler island life, it couldn’t be more contrasting but that’s what makes it exciting right?

But I’d follow you to the great unknown

off to a world we call our own


Every move we have made, even Hubby’s before me, is towards the unknown. As much as you can research, plan and expect, there is always just a chasm of uncertainty. Only yesterday, I was talking to a desert girl, who said they have an impending move in the next 6 months and are yet to know where they will be posted. She was so cool, nonchalant about it, saying they will just take it in their stride and “what can I do, you can’t plan everything” She is so right, this is a normal  life for us but with an added dimension of unknown factors. Will we fit in, will we adapt to a cultural differences, will the job work out, will kids find a good school? But as she put it so eloquently; as long as we’re together, we can be anywhere in the world.

Never sure, never know how far we could fall.

But its all an adventure, that comes with a breathtaking view

pexels-photo-970203.jpegUnlike our life in Jersey, our expat one does come with risk. We are literally packing up our entire life, walking away from connections, job security and walking towards a complete new start. Each move brings that mixture of excitement and immense fear. That moment when I boarded the plane in Prague towards a new desert life, I was filled with sadness of leaving, what had been a wonderful 4 years filled with very happy memories, along with anticipation of what the hell was I going to find when I landed the other end. The fear of starting again in a foreign environment and yet the eagerness to experience all those new location firsts. Could we fall flat on our faces? Yes. I have known many people who have tried this life or a location and absolutely hated it. But I have been lucky that thus far we have fallen on our feet, not face down, and loved every moment.

So I risk it all, just to be with you.

And I risk it all for this life we choose.

Cheesy as it may sound, we are in this together. I think everyday could I do this without my Hubby and vice versa. The answer is no. If we had never met would I be on this path? Probably not. But the love of my life was a nomad, with no need for roots and a need for adventure, so I joined him on this crazy ride and surprisingly fell deeper for him and this life.  Only last week someone said to me, that I was made for this life, had completely the right attitude to just go with the flow and see what happens. My answer was, I not sure about that, but what I do know is that we are in this as a team. We support each other, every move is discussed, weighed up and approached with what it will give us.

city landscape sky people

Yes its a risk, but you know what when you are standing on the cliff edge, its much easier to jump when you’re holding someone else’s hand.


5 thoughts on “The greatest adventure

  1. Lovely post. Still not seen the film (which you keep telling me to watch) but absolutely love the sentiment of your post. Great to be in something, whatever it is, together and to rely on that special person 100%. Sounds like you really are made for each other JG.

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      1. I can’t imagine ever travelling or living alone. Just seems so lonely. From my point of view experiences are so much better if they’re shared.

        Liked by 1 person

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