Why the blog not!?

People often ask me why I started this blog. It’s quite simple really, I wanted a creative outlet, a new challenge and couldn’t put the idea of writing one off much longer. I didn’t know if anyone would read it but it was something just for me and I loved it. Then slowly but surely people back home started tapping in regularly, sending me feedback and loving the insight into my life away. Then “randoms” read, commented and quickly posts were being shared with other bloggers as well as amongst  the desert girls here in Kuwait. Now some people still don’t know its me and that’s fine as I prefer an air of mystery (I’m thinking a 50’s femme fatale, in a big hat and dark glasses) plus I won’t get evil looks round the pool, if I shout someone out, when retelling my encounters!  My Insta page look like I’m incognito and as an Ozzie gal put it

I know your feet really well!

So to the outside world I’m the adventurous Jersey Girl and I can run my mouth off, lay it bear without too much come back and so my blogging persona continues. Continue reading “Why the blog not!?”


I’m up and blogging

Three months ago I gave myself a good talking to. For the past four years I had toyed with the idea of writing a blog, but like most non critical things it was relegated to my one day I’ll do that list (which is getting rather lengthy these days). But in March this year, I bit the bullet and went for it, I typed my first post and I was up and blogging. So as I reach my first trimester,  I thought I would reflect on my latest adventure into blog-land. Continue reading “I’m up and blogging”