The sands of time

IMG_3933Well firstly I bet you have all missed my random musings over the last 7 weeks. As I went back to Jersey I hadn’t intended on having a blogging break, but as I got further ingrained in island life, spending my days drinking coffee, having brunches (actually not that different to desert life, I changed location!) and playing Auntie, I didnt have the inclination to write, plus my social life is hardly ground breaking blogging news. So after 7 weeks on my little island, I am back in the land of sand and the land of  blog.

Is it good to be back?….in a word yes.

The most obvious thing about my island escape was that it inevitably meant that Hubby and I would be apart. Now it was never the plan to have 7 weeks apart, but with his business travel and his own family to visit my original trip extended further past the month I had planned. I always find myself somewhat conflicted about going home and being away from him, we are one of those couples that is simply better together and we are a team (corny as that may sound) so to not have each other there is tough on both of us. Luckily for me I have my family to distract me, but he just continued with our life desertside and that always makes me a bit sad. Of course it was hard saying goodbye to my family, especially my baby niece, but I miss Hubby and our life together,

so I am wracked with guilt over not wanting to leave them but at the same time desperate to get back.

It was oddly strange coming back on Saturday morning. I was positively shattered, aka walking dead mode, after not sleeping on the over night and already delayed flight. It was weird to think that 24 hours previously I had woken up in sunny Jersey and now I was landing back in the desert, that always blows my mind.

As I walked back into our apartment, it seemed over whelming small after living in a proper house with mum but within minutes I knew it was home. That sense of comfort quickly returned and even in my extreme tiredness I still managed to spot, within seconds, that Hubby had rearranged the fridge! Haha he must love having me back. We had a little walk (and I mean little as even at 8am it was already 39 degrees)  to one of our favourites, to grab some breakfast due to the rearranged fridge being post travel bare. We turned down the street and we both commented on although we’d both been away, coming back does feel like coming home, the comforting familiarity of the place and just like that it felt like we had never been away.

IMG_3972Of course it still being August, desert side is still very quiet. The locals have all disappeared for their summer vacations and the expats are still escaping the heat and entertaining the kids far and wide. So I do find myself somewhat alone, with the majority of my friends still away till the end of the month, but at the same time I kinda like it.  I am back in my routine and back into “normal” mode and regardless of whether my mates are around or not. I am immensely happy with my life here and after 7 weeks of socialising its quite nice just to have a slower pace and do what I fancy.

It surprises people in Jersey when I call this home, but it feels like home, it is home. Like today I went back to the gym and was welcomed back with sincere enthusiasm by the receptionist, waiters in the cafe, the Costa coffee lady, the trainers (one of which said “oh I haven’t see you in about 7 weeks”  which was super scary but at the same time reassuring). That would never happen in my other home, considering how small Jersey is and how everyone knows everyone, that sense of community sadly is diminishing.

I have never felt more contented with life as I did today, I walked home thinking I am bloody lucky. 

Tomorrow marks 3 years since we arrived in Kuwait and I think a few things as we hit this mile stone.

1) How is it 3 years already!?
2) Somehow it feels like it should be longer
3) How long will we stay?

img_0346In one breath I can not believe 3 years has gone by , although I am well estatblished into life here, I am still meeting new people and discovering new things so it doesn’t feel like that long. Yet at the same time I feel like its been longer than that too? The fact that I am so settled here, I sometimes forget we had a whole life in Prague and Jersey before we rocked up in the sandpit, so its got to be longer surely! Then as every expat knows when you hit anniversaries of your arrival it will inevitably bring up the question of how much longer? Who knows….As you know we never have a plan (or should I say Hubby never has a plan and I just learn to be less anal about having one)

So all I can say it wow!

It’s been a great 3 years but a surprising 3 years, as I never though I would have been so settled in somewhere so random. I never thought I would have the connections with people here that I do, I have people in my life here that I truly believe will be in my life far after we leave the desert, which in expat life can be rare. I really didn’t think I would still not be working after 3 years, I initially gave myself 6 months before I was convinced I would be brain dead and bored, but I am shocked that I still feel fulfilled without a 9 to 5.  Could I do another 3? Absolutely; as long as nothing major changes in our lives or safety in the region doesn’t become an issue, then yes I don’t see why not.

So I’ve been back 3 days and about to hit 3 years and I couldnt be more content right now, the sands of time certainly so fly when you are having fun.


5 thoughts on “The sands of time

  1. I loved reading this post. I’m an expat too living in Tokyo and my family has left the heat and humidity for cooler lands. It is strange being apart for so long and I’m not really enjoying it.
    I also agree with you about how bendy time can be. It’s a topic I’ve written about myself. I’ve lived in Tokyo for 20 months – but can’t really imagine my life before…


    1. Awe it’s really hard for the men left behind it’s a horrible part of this life especially when climate dictates these escapes for the sake of the kids. Strange isn’t it how a place can feel so new but still feel like so established. Thanks for reading and taking the time to comment, hope Tokyo continues you be a great adventure

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  2. I should be back on the 19th and have mixed feelings about being back after two months of family, friends, and traveling. But I have to say that your post felt assuring that it’s ok to be back. I should be starting my 3rd year this September.


    1. Glad it gave you a little comfort. It’s always tough to leave loved ones after such quality time with them, but I was really surprised this time how easy it was just clicking back into kuwait life. We’ve both done 3 years so can’t be all bad right!? Hope you’re you enjoy the remainder of your trip and know that all is good here

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      1. Yes you are right, it’s always tough! To me it’s that and the fact that I will be going back to the stress at work! I think the stressful job is the main reason why I’ve doubts but hope it goes well anyway 🙏🏽 I’m enjoying it by the sea in Dahab, South Sinai ❤️ welcome back and hopefully we get to meet soon 🙂

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