Perfect timing

So this is my first post of 2017 and I can’t quite believe that another year has passed. It is true what they say, the older you get the faster time goes, which can be a little scary but at the same time Carpe Diem and all that, so Happy New Year dear readers. You will be happy to know, that this island girl has left her sandy shores and is now back on desert sands, and to some this maybe a surprise, but I am actually really happy to be back. I was not happy with the long 19 hour journey back alone and I had to battle with the usual Kuwaiti madness of boarding the plane in no orderly fashion, the man next to me who didn’t want to watch a movie but was quite happy to watch mine over my shoulder the entire time and then the mad rush off the plane with people wandering about whilst we are still taxiiing……..Ahhh it really is good to be back!

New Year here is a pretty much a non event but I didn’t really care that I wasn’t swigging Prosecco and dancing on tables (oh the days of my youth) instead I was still nursing my Christmas chest infection and was happy to curl up with Hubby and watch movies. It didn’t have the chaotic free for all fireworks and mayhem that our Prague memories had, but after Christmas apart, it was just perfect and just what I wanted. So as I reflect on 2016 I am actually fairly satisfied. Was it all plain sailing? No, but was it horrible? No. I am calling it my journey year (don’t roll your eyes, I know who you are), it was the birth of this blog, meeting new friends, beautiful holidays, finding out what I truly want and watching people around me grow from bad situations. So another year gone, I have had a reflective pause and now its time to jump feet first into the next.

Don’t worry I am not going to get all philosophical and start spouting dreams and aspirations at you. However, I am so looking forward to another year of adventures and I am entering my favourite period of expat life. It’s around the 2.5 year mark heading into 3 that I enjoy things the most. All that newness and novelty has been stripped away and you are in a routine but it is yet to be stale and boring. I love that there was a part of me that was hankering after my desert life, whilst away, it confirms everything positively in my head and like Prague did, it has become home. There is nothing unknown about the year ahead, there is no transitions to be made or adjustments to be fought through.

Of course we can never know what is round the corner but it feels easier, it’s the norm and that feels good, no pressures, no anxieties, just life. 

January for me is usually a deep, dark, depressive month. Hubby always says I fall victim of the January blues and it seems that I would do my usual over analysing, pine after Jersey and loved ones and spend the month planning my first opportunity to go back there. I would see everything about expat life as a negative, what it’s taking me away from, not what it’s giving me. Most of my weekly catch ups with the desert girls, would have at least one of us, having a moan or unsettled moment. Of course all of this is totally normal and I have learnt that like everything expat, its changeable, its transient, its exaggerated and it’s unpredictable. So I fully expect that when the ladies that brunch reconvene, there will be some iffy days for some, but we will pick each other up, hand out pancakes and sympathy but after 2 breakfasts we will just tell each other to get a grip! But said with love of course.

For me, this year feels different, no first month tears and freak out here. Of course I’m missing Jersey, or rather the people there. Little P is changing daily and I will have to accept that FaceTime is the idoor to happiness. I’ll just have to be the floating Auntie head, that talks through some weird screen at her every week – Oh god I hope that doesn’t scar her for life! But do you know what? I am ok with that. I chose this life,  I love this life and this is just one of those little niggles that we have to accept.

Blimey I wish I gave myself this pep talk in Jersey when I freaked out that I wouldn’t see her and cried for hours on end! 

2017Seriously though, I am so positive about the year ahead. I am planning to write more and do a full year of blogging to you lovely people, as quite frankly it keeps me sane.  I can’t wait for the desert girls to be back in the sandpit, Christmas catch ups over Starbucks must be had and I know we will continue building on friendships that have grown quicker than anything else in the desert. Hubby and I enter our 10th year of marriage and are celebrating this milestone with a Maldivian get away,  Little P is in our lives now and I’m excited to watch her grow in her 1st year, new babies are coming for close friends and family, trips planned back to The Rock, a pre-Christmas get away to New York and who knows what else.

I am super excited and it just feels like perfect timing for everything.


4 thoughts on “Perfect timing

  1. Happy New Year! I love my desert life too and when I’m back home, all I can think of is how many days I have left till I’m back! I guess the only reason I go back is to see my parents. Anyway, here’s wishing you an amazing year ahead!

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