Home sweet home

I am back in the motherland, which is making this Jersey girl very happy. You will be aware that I took a little blogging break last week, which was a little strange for me and seems like I’ve not written for ages, so its good to be back both in my island world and my blogging world.

The main reason for my trip back to my little isle is my new little niece. All my desert girls have lived through my sister’s pregnancy and our weekly brunches were filled with bump updates and they shared in my excitement when the little lady made her early appearance. So I was beside myself sitting in the desert knowing this little bundle of joy was waiting for her awesome auntie. So last Friday Hubby and I started that long arduous journey back to The Rock.

As usual, my patience was wearing thin on this trip. The excitement was building which only seemed to make the day drag even more. It did not start well when Hubby and I could not sit together on the very busy flight to London. Who would have thought that even selecting a seat a month in advance would cause me to spend a long 7 hours alone. Hubby and I rarely travel back home together so this was infuriating and the miserable so and sos, travelling alone, wouldn’t swap to allow us to sit together, so they got my evil stares and a couple of elbow jabs throughout the flight. 3 movies later we were one step closer but still have 8 hours before touching down on my little island haven, which meant 8 hours until I got to see my little princess.

The newest Jersey Girl

Eventually we arrived and I was welcomed home by the cutest, tiniest most perfect little cutie in the world. Ok I may be a little biased……just a little bit. The thing that has amazed me the most is how brilliantly my sister and her Hubby have taken to being parents. It is a little bizarre for me to see my baby sister (11 years my junior) who I remember  being born, now standing in front of me holding her baby, surreal to say the least, but also the most heart warming of moments.

So to say I am happy being home is an understatement, I don’t think I have stopped smiling, well maybe once or twice when dealing with this bloody cold weather! Even hubby said on day 2

We can’t come back to live here, I can’t cope with this weather 6 months of the year! 

But in all seriousness it has been a lovely first week, totally immersed in the family and all my favourite island things. Having Hubby with me this time has been wonderful, he usually can only stay a few days before darting back to the desert, but this time we have had 10 days together and we have loved visiting our old haunts and the familiarity of being back where we met and where we hold so many memories before we started on our expat adventures. I do think Hubby will be quite happy to leave though, just to get a rest, as I have continued with my fitness regime and I’ve dragged him along at every opportunity. He has supported me on a morning run through the wind, rain and hail, swam for the first time years and I even got him up at 5.30am for a 6.15am spin class only to have got the wrong day! It has to be love eh!?

img_0871One thing, which comes a very close 2nd to my beautiful little P is Christmas. As I have said before I am obsessed and being here for the build up makes my heart flutter. We have had numerous trips to the garden centres for their legendary Christmas displays. We don’t buy anything but we walk around all the “rooms” and soak in all the atmosphere and festive displays and smells. I quickly sent pics to some of my desert girls knowing they will be missing out on the Christmas overload, maybe a bit mean but I knew they would appreciate the sentiment, as they too are on their countdown homeward.

A day meandering through St Helier, shopping and joining masses of families flocking to see the Christmas light switch on and finishing in good old Jersey tradition, with late night shopping and Pizza Express (I may add at this point that I had a salad, whilst I watched Hubby tuck into a pulled pork Christmas special pizza)

Quite frankly this first week home has been magical. I’ve even been quoted to say this week that I have had one the best days EVER! Family time, new babies, quality time with Hubby, a daily Christmas movie, all my favourite people in one of my favourite places, what could be more perfect?



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