Opportunity knocks

Well, I think I am just about over the shock of the political bomb shells that happened last week, so I start to think about this weeks post. Now sometimes this is a well planned out process, other times it’s on the hoof and whatever flows at the time. However, this week I had a vague idea about what I wanted to cover and it all steams from observing a lot of my desert girls over the last few months. Now before they scream in horror, thinking what the hell is she going to call us out on now, its all positive ladies so read on. Who knew that out of a decision to live some random life in the desert, that actually, for a lot of us, we would be forefilling dreams and ambitions far and above getting a tan and surviving.

When we arrived to start our desert lives, a fair few of us gave up our jobs to embark on this adventure. I for one, took this as an oppportunity to throw myself full throttle into life out here, without any distractions and see what I could make of it. Now I liked my job but I wasn’t climbing the corporate ladder or saving lives but some gave up true vocations, nursing, child protection law, teaching, all happily abandoned to focus on family, support our spouses and ease the transition into this new and wonderful life of sand. Little did I know that this choice would open up a world of possibilities.

After my first year of finding my feet and building up a social circle, I had long forgotten about the stresses of work and was surprised that I had no real yearning to return to it. Now I have had said on more than one occasion that I am extremely lucky that I have been able to get this experience and our next adventure maybe a different matter, but even I thought that I would have gone mad, been bored out of my skull but this never materialised. Instead I focused on me, probably for the first time in a very long time, I looked at myself and thought

what do you want?
What have you always wanted to do?
What can you do that you have never had the time to do?

An incredible opportunity presented itself and it was mine for the taking.

So dear reader, you are here because one of those ambitions has been met. The desert sand blew in some inspiration and I finally plucked up the courage to write. Without this move, would I have ever done this? I truly don’t think so, I never found time previously, life gets in the way and quite frankly I’m not sure I was ready. Without getting too artsy fartsy on you, I have found a lot of peace here, connected with myself and realised a lot of things about me, most of which have come out in these random musings, but I think without this time “off” I could not have done half of what I have in the last 2 years or believed that I even could.

Over the last few months I have taken part in a fitness challenge, I say fitness, whilst this is the fundermentals of it, it has taken me on a journey that I didn’t think it would. I am not only honing my body into a shape that I actually quite like (wow did I actually admit that, I really have come a long way!) but I’m also working on the emotional side of why I pressurise my own self image. I know, I know I’ve gone all  airy fairy again, but there is no other way of putting it so you will have to indulge me just this once. If I was not in Kuwait this is something I would never would have embarked on. It has taken up most of my days at the gym, the diet has been rigorously controlled and I have been open to change. This is something that has been given to me because of my expat life, because I happen to be in this random little corner of the Gulf and at a moment when my mind is ready.

Maybe I am having some kind of epiphany, maybe it’s the lack of alcohol that has opened my mind or perhaps me watching Eat Pray Love last night has made me more philosophical;

I mean if Julia Roberts can eat pizza, meditate once in a while and find herself maybe there is hope for us all!

But seriously I am not the only one that has had these moments of clarity and decided that they will go for it, push the boundaries and try something that would never dream off. Its seems that there is a moment in the desert that everyone re-evaluates, takes stock and perhaps its the distance from home and the realisation that this really is a new life and therefore the shackles of your old one no longer exist, all those things that may have stopped you in the past have disapated or perhaps it’s just our time.

One of my dear desert gals, a wonderful scottish lass, left behind her nursing career for her first toe dip into life abroad. Now leaving a vocation like this behind, which to me is a life calling and something she should be very proud of, could not have been easy, but she focused on her new life, family and threw herself into the sand pit. After the summer away she returned and on one of our ladies that brunch moments, she floated the idea past us all. She wanted to fulfil a life long ambition of completing a qualification in Personal Training, now I may add at this point she is a fitness freak, so it did not come as a complete surprise to me, but what I loved was her attitude. She didn’t dwell on leaving her profession behind but looked forward and with a huge amount of positivity. This Kuwait life was a once in a lifetime and therefore it was presenting us with once in a lifetime possibilities and she was going to grab this one with both hands. So she took on the challenge, studying again as an adult, fitting it in around her family and flying to Dubai, into the unknown to complete the assessments, all things firmly outside of her comfort zone. But she did it. Why? Because it was now or never, she’s making the most of everything single moment this expat life presented.

That is an aspect of this life that I love. One that I did not expect. I guess its about grabbing it by the horns and taking advantage of everything. If you want to travel to places you’d never normally think of, but they are now on your doorstep….go to them! Want to complete your PhD because now you have time….do it! Take that English speaking course you’ve wanted to do, become a PT, disappear to India to do Yoga training…..go for it!

We have this wonderful moment, where opportunity is knocking and we should open the door and grab it firmly by the hand. A desert life only comes once in a sand storm. 


4 thoughts on “Opportunity knocks

  1. Ooh food for thought. What a very uplifting, positive and optimistic post. I for one am glad you are writing for I do enjoy reading your musings. I still think you would write amazing children’s stories and should take the plunge and get a kids book on the table. 😉 xx

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