Why the blog not!?

People often ask me why I started this blog. It’s quite simple really, I wanted a creative outlet, a new challenge and couldn’t put the idea of writing one off much longer. I didn’t know if anyone would read it but it was something just for me and I loved it. Then slowly but surely people back home started tapping in regularly, sending me feedback and loving the insight into my life away. Then “randoms” read, commented and quickly posts were being shared with other bloggers as well as amongst  the desert girls here in Kuwait. Now some people still don’t know its me and that’s fine as I prefer an air of mystery (I’m thinking a 50’s femme fatale, in a big hat and dark glasses) plus I won’t get evil looks round the pool, if I shout someone out, when retelling my encounters!  My Insta page look like I’m incognito and as an Ozzie gal put it

I know your feet really well!

So to the outside world I’m the adventurous Jersey Girl and I can run my mouth off, lay it bear without too much come back and so my blogging persona continues.

A few months back a lady commented on one of my posts, saying she was transiting to Kuwait and had stumbled across my entry. She too was blogging about her experience preparing for a new life in the desert (in Spanish so I couldn’t reciprocate the reading) but was delighted that we had come across each other. Then began, which happens in blogging circles, you tap into every social media outlet this person has and slowly you build up a glimpse into their lives and everything that feeds back into their blog. I love that there is a huge community out there and the fact that someone new had taken the time to read and comment, gives you an instant lift, as what you had to say clearly resonated with someone! So months go by and I see that she finally posted a picture of her and her husband reunited on Kuwait soil (or sand actually) and so began her life desert side.

Then last week, something unique happened, something I never thought could have materialised from writing this blog, I went on a blind internet meet. I had seen that my social media blogging buddy had been here about a month and I thought it was only the right thing (or the wrong thing if she turned out to be a psycho!) I asked over Insta if she fancied meeting for a coffee and have chat about how she was getting on in her new life abroad. Now I had no idea if she would reply or if indeed she may have thought I was a psycho too, but to my delight she answered with much enthusiasm.

So a very public place was selected and I also took my Spanish speaking friend with me, not only to give that perspective of life here, but also because I had a witness in case I was murdered over a cappuccino!

Now bearing in mind I am a “faceless” blogger, I could have turned up and ran if she looked dodgy, as she would have no idea who I was!  Joking aside, I was very much look forward to meeting this desert newbie and finally putting a face to the Insta profile. Strangely we spotted each other straight away, greeting each other like old friends, and to be honest through my posts, she probably knows me better than some of my actual friends. We braved the random, and what could have been an awkward situation, head on, ordered coffee to break the ice and the three of us sat to enjoy the cooler marina views. Off the bat I didn’t want to sound like Jeremy Paxman going in for the heavy 100 question interview, so instead I went for a more Phil and Holly approach trying to be as welcoming as I could and not bombard or scare her off.

I instantly liked her and she slowly started to relax, laughing and my incessant chatter filled any possibility of an awkward silence. My lovely senorita armed her with all the information of possible groups and meetings of their fellow countrymen and served on occasion, when my english rambled on, and translation was needed, but I have to say for someone who was a little unsure of her english ability, it was very  good and as I told her far better than my Spanish, which is limited to

Hola! and dos cervezas por favor!

Who’d have thought that two and half years on, I would be dishing out advice on what to expect and the dos and don’ts of this life. Don’t get me wrong, I am far from the Font of all Knowledge when it comes to Kuwait and life of an expat, but I hoped that perhaps I imparted a minuscule amount of knowledge, to help set her at ease and I certainly know I can rabbit on! The fact that she kept telling me how much she liked my blog and how much it had helped and is helping meant the world.

I had no idea that this would be a the case when I started, that my writing this journal of my experiences, rambling thoughts and random musings would give a raw guide to someone starting out on their expat journey or indeed reassure my desert girls that someone “gets it” having just written down exactly how they were feeling. Not only do I find it therapy, as it gives me an outlet to vent, evaluate and let go of crap, it seems other people need that to.

To those back home who peer into my life each week, wondering what the island girl has been up to, to my lovely desert gals who make this life here far easier and to my new found newbie (who will be inducted into the ladies that brunch) thank you for reading, supporting and finding me somewhat entertaining, it means a lot. So for the love of blog keep coming back!


19 thoughts on “Why the blog not!?

  1. Pleased it all worked out so well. I’ve never met another blogger and would love to just chat about experiences of travel and blogging, be so interesting. You’ll be running blogging support classes next!!!

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  2. Ahhh how lovely to meet a fellow blogger and to offer her some help! I needed to read this post as I have been having a bit of a “why am I writing my blog” but like you say “why the blog not!’ Actually, I think you should set up your own line of t-shirts with that line. It could be a new mantra to live by 🙂 x

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    1. Well I’m glad my therapy skills work across the ocean too! Just do what you love doing, we all get to that point when we think why but exactly why not. Hahah tshirts could be the way to go


  3. its just nice to know that every time i read your blog that you are safe and well or not well at times and are happy with life that is all that matters to me love you xx.

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  4. Thank you for the post! You are so inspiring and funny! I love the: Hola! and dos cervezas por favor! Haha Keep it up! You are inspiring me to continue my blog here in the sandy Kuwait!

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  5. Awesome! We finally met another blogger when they visited Fiji earlier this year and it was great to meet and become real-life friends, not just internet friends! Amazing how this blogging thing works out like that, I feel like we have all sorts of connections all over the world.

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  6. Meeting people over blogging has been one of my most fulfilling experiences. I still have not met most in person, but the connections this has helped to create has been wonderful. So let’s both keep going! Onwards. 🙂


  7. I love this and your writing style, it’s so funny!! And I starting blogging for similar reasons too, I’ve always wanted to do it, have my own little corner of the world where I can have a creative outlet! I think you’re doing a great job and love reading your posts on FlyAwayFriday!! Can’t wait to see what you share this weekend! xo


  8. I also love blogging for the creative outlet and learning new skills, like write a proper sentence. Okay, I am still learning that one!! An enjoyable one is connecting to people who are doing the same lifestyle and others who like the things, I am passionate about. Not forgetting people we know all over the place! It is indeed a small world, unlike my childhood in NZ 🙂

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