Pumpkin spice and all things nice

On the first of October, I did what I do every month, I scrawled through Pinterest to find a nice image for my personal Insta page, I obsessively like to have some kind of order to my snaps. Anyway my crazy Virgo-isms are not the point in question and I stumbled across a glorious autumnal visual, uploaded, job done. Or so I thought. Later that week, my eagle eyed followers may have noticed that I posted a “throwback” shot from my life in Prague. A beautiful shot (even if I say so myself) I took one Sunday morning, as we strolled through our local park, the colours, the light just screamed the season, and for some reason that morning, in the desert,  I pined (trees, autumn, get it?!) for a seasonal change. 


I know there are many people who simply won’t get this post, my bestie for example loathes the turning of the seasons and would love to live in an annual summer. Yes apart from the scorching heat, it is summer at least 9 months of the year and I’m more than happy with my desert glow, but every now and again I want the glow of falling golden leaves in my life. Ok, Ok that maybe a little dramatic and overly poetic but in all seriousness it is just weird not having real seasons.  I am of course seeing it all through rose tinted sun glasses, I am the first to complain that I’m cold when back in Jersey and I hate the wind and rain, that these later months bring. But c’mon there is nothing better than wrapping up warm in a cosy jumper, scarf and your favourite winter boots and heading out for a lovely walk, when its cold but sunny and you can breathe in the smells of autumnal delights.  So this time of year the weather is starting to cool in the desert, but the t-shirts and flip flops are still on,  it’s still too hot to walk and the only smell is heat, dust and sweat! Hardly competes with my romanticised woodland walks now does it?

img_0272At this time of year Hubby and I inevitably start to plan our trip home for Christmas and anything we may “need” for winter back home. We walk around the mall and get swept up in the autumn/winter fashions,  I nostalgically pick up knitwear and day dream of log fires, sheepskin rugs and hot chocolate (had to be careful there, that was nearly another day dream with Bradley Cooper!) I know it seems mad but all the shops here still stock the coats, boots and chunky knits regardless of the heat. I think last year I was in a light knit and a jacket for about 3 weeks in January, but the locals insist that anything below 22 degrees is cold

all you hear, round the gym and Starbucks,  are the words of John Snow…….Winter is Coming.

People this is not winter, my Scottish gal I’m sure will back me up on that, forget 22 degrees I have actually experienced -20 in Prague and I can tell you I certainly wouldn’t be in a t-shirt in that weather.

My favourite and ONLY indicator of autumn in the desert, is the iconic pumpkin spice latte from Starbucks. The smell, the spices, it’s simply autumn in a cup.  I am usually the first in line launch day and I drink them as often as I can during their limited appearance. Once they have finished I know it’s officially the countdown to Christmas and don’t even get me started on what that does to me!…………. Get a grip woman back to the job in hand, so you can stop thinking about mince pies, Christmas trees, cinnamon candles…….right sorry back to my PSL obsession. This year was slightly different, the cup of loveliness got launched right in the middle of my new fitness challenge, which includes a sugar-free, low carb diet. So for 2 weeks I battle with the fact that I know they are out there, their spiced smell wafting through the mall, the little images of pumpkins flooding my Insta feed, oh it’s quite literally torture.

Then a miracle happened, well I say miracle it was actually a very persuasive friend who was quite happy to distract me and lead me astray from my diet plans. She  quite literally drove me from the gym (oh the irony) in order to cheat! So we ordered our dairy-free versions, which I had already highly researched was the lowest calorie count option, so my dairy intolerance did come in handy, and waited in longing. I have to say it was as good as I remembered. I sat there like a crazy woman just smelling it, hands round the mug taking it all in. It tasted amazing and I forgot all about my dietary commitments and savoured every moment, it was perfect; Well almost. I was sat there in a maxi dress and Berkies, which didn’t seem right. I should be in the window of a branch, where the windows are steamed from the cold outside battling with the heating inside, my feet snuggled into boots, my hands poking out of the arms of a chunky knit, relief that I don’t have “hat hair”, as I people watch, little dogs with Burberry-esq coats shuffle by,  kids do battle with their mittens on strings and couples walk hand in gloved hand.


Now before I get carried away with the picture perfect image, I may add at this juncture that whilst I loved my renegade PSL moment, my sugar-free body did not and lets just say I better hang onto this beautiful, poetic moment because quite frankly it will be my last. So not only am I mourning autumn, but autumn in a cup.



4 thoughts on “Pumpkin spice and all things nice

  1. Autumn is actually my most favourite season. The weather turning cooler, the sight of red, yellow and brown leaves, its just a really beautiful 3 months (well, maybe not in Kuwait) And of course knowing that Christmas is that much closer! Its a pity we only have months and months of summer with just a week or two of winter. But I’ll take it! Anything below 20, I’ll be pulling out my boots and coats. Not that I need it, but I love being all bundled up.

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  2. You are so right, Autumn is the best season of the year. It’s never that cold and its great to start wrapping up in extra layers after t-shirts and shorts all summer. My favourite season of all, unless it’s referred to as ‘Fall’ of course which is just ridiculous.

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