The girl who cried (into) chicken

So I had a whole other post planned for today and then last night happened. It was our last night in Dubai and we had planned to return to The Scene (for the 2nd time in four days) for their EID special: an all day proper Sunday roast. Now this may not have been the most glamorous of nights out but when we spotted it on the menu, half way through our first meal, we both looked at each other with excitement – I know, a very rock and roll life we lead!

Around the pool that day, we had been recommended The Armani cafe’s 7 course tasting menu at the foot of the Burj Khalifa, but Hubby and I were already invested in the prospect of a roast, that we had starved ourselves all day. We were well and truly committed to our reservation that evening and it’s all he could talk about.

Upon our arrival to the restaurant, we walked into the familiar surroundings of quirky lampshades hanging from the ceiling and the mismatched furniture and were handed the menus. I’m not sure why we perused them, as we knew full well we were ordering the whole roast chicken for 2, which comes with the “famous 5 veg, Yorkshire puddings and gravy”. C’mon people who isn’t drooling over that image. So we waited patiently whilst nibbling on a starter of sausage roll with piccalilli and bubble and squeak croquettes savouring these very British morsels.

imageThen arrived the star of show. 2 wooden boards loaded with the array of goodies. We looked at each other and grinned like two naughty school kids, we knew it was going to be good. Hubby took charge, like he would back home, and carved the chicken. I then filled the plate with a sampling of red cabbage, carrot and swede mash, roast potatoes, honey parsnips, cauliflower cheese, lashings of gravy and not to forget that Yorkshire pudding!!!

We tucked in and ate in silence for probably the first 5 minutes. It was delicious. Simple food, cooked amazingly well and all the flavours of home. We sat there by the light of a granny chic lampshade and were transported to family dinners. It should be noted at this point I actually got emotional,

I am officially the girl that cried into a roast chicken dinner!

Ok the two double G&T’s may have contributed to this outburst but food can be so evocative and at that moment, surrounded by the lights of skyscrapers, all I could think of was home.


A simple roast dinner; something so British made us so incredibly happy. When you’re a Brit living abroad it’s these things that you miss the most (ok desert gals, and the glass of wine to wash it down). It’s not just the flavours and how delicious it was, it’s the ritual. It’s the same one that’s carried out in homes every Sunday across Britain, sometimes the only time that family sit together, and it was that that drew us in, abandoning the 7 course tasting menu, and savouring every bite of life time tradition.

The Scene do what they do so well. They don’t try to be fancy, even the “front room” decor welcomes you like a comfy pair of slippers, but it’s done with finesse and a sense of fun. For the incredibly good food, the atmosphere of a good British pub and for giving us not just a slice of meat but a slice of home, we thank you.


6 thoughts on “The girl who cried (into) chicken

    1. Hi Greg
      Thank you for such kind words. I’m glad that my little musings are of interest especially to people in transit to or new to Kuwait. I try and write as much from the heart as I can, the good and the bad to give the reality. You most definitely should continue with your blog on your new adventure. I take it your teaching in Kuwait too? I hope your settling in and the desert will soon feel like home.


  1. What a fabulous blog you have. I am expat in Kuwait and love the way you feel this country. So many things to improve here! Such a great potential they have for a big things, but hey! May be one day. Until then I am enjoying this country with all it ups and downs. Good luck to you!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Maya. We take it for what it is and even with the niggles I love our life here, as I think most expats do. Thank you for reading and hope you continue happily in this desert life


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