Once upon a time…

Once upon a time there was a princess, who lived on a beautiful island. Every summer, after unicorn riding school was over, her cousin would travel across the sea from a far away land called England. The princesses loved their 8 weeks together and would plan trips around the island doing all their favourite things. But the place they loved the most was a little cove called Green Island, which sat in a small corner of the kingdoms eastern province and was home to the princesses’ castle (or house as they called it, although even by Jersey standards it was a pretty big house!). They would spend hours playing in the “house” whilst the queen watched from her sandy throne and supplied royal Mini Milks, to revive the little girls, as the afternoon drew in. This ritual went on until the little princesses grew up and their annual summers together came to end.

Many years later, the princesses had become accustomed to grabbing every opportunity they had to visit each other. Whilst one was travelling to strange and far off places, the other had stayed in her kingdom of England and had a little prince to keep her on her princess toes. So whenever they could, the family would meet in each others realms and when this was not possible, the frequent use of the magic iMirror was used to maintain their special bond. 

The kingdoms dragons

Then one sunny day, when princess Jersey was back in her island domain, she got word from her messengers, that her cousin and little prince were arriving by an orange flying carriage, apparently the easiest jet travel they could find. So she gathered the horses and was there to offer a royal welcome as they touched down on her fair isle. The little prince had grown at least a foot since they were last together and was eager to tell his princess auntie that they were almost eaten by the kingdom’s dinosaur, that was caged as a welcome warning to naughty children, when they landed at the airport. They had two fun filled days, showing the little prince the wonders of the island.

The little prince takes the helm

There was a visit to the dinosaur park, where he could see all the dragons protecting the subjects of St Lawrence and he even took the helm of one of the royal fleet, which both scared and thrilled the princesses. Tractor rides were taken around the estate of Maize, which was truly an aMaizing Adventure, and cannons were fired in the ball park barricades. The little prince was enjoying every moment, and the princesses recovered each night with a glass of bubbly nectar.


The little prince awoke on the last day of his holiday and declared he wanted to visit the Green Island. The princesses  looked at the weather and agreed that a day at the beach was a wonderful idea, so they prepared the smallest of the carriages, an Italian model fondly named Fiat, and they journeyed east. Upon their arrival, and as if my magic,  the princesses were transported back 30 years. They spotted their “house” still standing tall on the golden sands and nostalgically picked the exact spot the queen had sat all those years previously, to set up their own sandy thrones. The little prince armed himself with appropriate knights’ weapons with bucket and fishing net slung over his shoulder, as he ventured to see what wears could be found in the kingdoms shimmering rock pools.

The princesses and the prince made their way over the barrier of rocks to enter into the world of childhood memories. Quickly, as if time had stood still, the girls were in full swing and caught their first crab! They squealed with excitement as the little prince took refuge on a rock in case the crustacean escaped. They could not believe their eyes when they spotted another, this time their squeals attracted some of the other children and soon the princesses had a following of subjects as they came across more of more and a rather big crab that scared even princess Jersey herself!


As they headed back to their thrones to take photographic evidence of their spoils, before releasing them back to their watery homes, the little prince spotted their “house”.

The princesses’ “house”

He climbed up like a spider monkey and whilst the princesses had their hearts in their mouths, they had remembered they had done the exact same thing and suddenly had empathy with the queen all those years ago. They made their way to the entrance and asked permission to enter, and as they climbed they realised it was a lot trickier at 36 then it ever was as children and laughed at their uncoordinated climb. The tour was given to the little prince, as the lounge and sofa were pointed out, as well as the private elevator down to the bath. It hadn’t changed one bit and the princesses looked at each other with sentimental eyes as they watched the little prince re-live their childhood right before them. A magical, emotional and wonderful moment which would stay with them for years to come.

And so as the sunset on that final day, the princesses retold the days adventures to the queen as they laughed and recalled the bygone summers as children. The little prince had had the greatest adventure to the kingdom of Jersey and as he waved goodbye, the princesses embraced with tears of happiness over such a magical few days. They did not know when they would  be reunited but they knew in their hearts that they would certainly meet again and live happily ever after.


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