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I am literally days away from going home and if you haven’t guessed it already, from the numerous references in recent posts and nostalgic Tweets, I am simply beside myself with excited anticipation. Whilst I was packing, yes I had packed with over a week to go, but before you pass judgement, in my defense I HAVE to be organised. I’m a planner and quite frankly would need Valium if it was left with only days to go, so what if I have nothing to wear for my last week desert side, I’m calm(ish). Anyway where was I? Right, I was thinking about going home and all that means in terms of preparation, for this perfecting Virgo, and what awaits me in the motherland. So sitting on my sun lounger I let my mind drift and came up with a little word play…..

I don’t know if all women are the same but I must have all my glam stuff done pre-travels home. Of course I want to look my best upon my arrival but it makes me feel good and any excuse for a pamper right? So this week is set up for an over haul, with a mani pedi and a hair cut. I have been contemplating my nail colour for weeks now and still not made up my mind. I know, I know it’s hardly the most life critical decision but I obsessively trawl Pinterest for inspiration, what’s a girl to do there is nothing worse than bad nails. Ok that was a bit dramatic but you get my point.

There seems to be a pattern here and rightly or wrongly my appearance is something I really focus on before a trip home. It’s totally screwed up I know, as most people won’t give two hoots but I don’t want people to see a negative difference and think I’ve fallen apart because I’m away, maintaining that whole happy expat persona is important. So I optimize my last few weeks, my fitness regime cranks up, albeit still not at the level I would like post back drama, all in the quest to have wiggle room for the foodie trails that will inevitably happen when I hit the rock. There is also an expectation that living in warmer climes I should return sun-kissed and glowing, so not to disappoint I’ve been working very hard at my tan, it’s a tough job but someone has to do it!

The word is out that I’m coming home and messages from my fabulous friends have started to pour in. I already have much of the first two weeks mapped out and girlie catch ups over El Tico breakfasts are all lined up. My UK family also get in on the action, they have scoured the internet for cheap flights, as who doesn’t want a week in Jersey and catching up with the fam? This is a wonderful part of coming home, its tight knit and everyone is right there where you left off.

I love living abroad and all its nuances, however sometimes you just crave normal. Being able to watch Eastenders at 7.30 instead of trying to keep my eyes open past my bed time! A chilled glass of wine if you fancy it. British pub grub, because life is too short not to have fish and chips or pie and mash. Walking, believe it or not just to walk in fresh air, out of extreme heat and see trees, grass and the odd Jersey cow will be bliss.

When I leave for Jersey this week, I will have to say goodbye to one of my dearest desert friends. We met within weeks of our Kuwait landing and have become workout buddies, confidantes and coffee pals. I have spent the last two years seeing her on almost a daily basis and now have to say goodbye as she departs the desert for good and returns to her Polish home. It will be tough to say goodbye but I am so grateful that this life abroad introduced us. So in the words of the Spice Girls “Goodbye my friend”


Being back in Jersey makes me happy, clear and simple. My little island is my haven, my little corner of happiness and calm in the world. Everyone I love is there, happy childhood memories and of course it’s home and it can’t get better than that.

Ok ok this is a little bit of a cheat, it should be St Ouens. Now I’m a westee and as us Beans always say West is best!  This basically means all the great stuff on the island is west and having grown up there I agree. St Ouens is my favourite place in the world, it doesn’t matter where I travel nothing beats it. 5 miles of perfect white sands, the surfing capital of the Channel Islands and some of my favourite eats can be found here. It’s my little bit of heaven, I can be in the worst mood and stressed to the nines, but I can go down, rain or shine, sit in the car with a Jersey 99 ice cream, watch the waves and I’m chilled. Please note that Dutch fries at The Splash, Jersey’s legendary surfer hangout, also help in times of need/crisis (hangover cure extraordinaire in my younger days).

This doesn’t need any explanation. Even as a thirty something, who doesn’t need their mum? When I go back I enjoy great quality one to one time with the corner-stone of our family. Our relationship has improved and become so different since I moved away and as time passes I think we simply understand each other better, plus we bond over mum measures of  Baileys so we can’t go wrong.

Woooo hoooo let the count down begin, I can not wait to get back for my six weeks of home comforts, family, friends and my Jersey haunts, although I will miss my Hubby. I really hope the weather is good and I can get on the beach at least once and show off my desert tan. I’m excited to see my baby sis and her growing perfect little bump, have a mummy Sunday roast, eat Jersey crab and Moules somewhere, have a natter with mates that have known me forever. I am going to relish every moment of being home, the more I’m away the more I appreciate what a special place Jersey is and that it brings me back to the special people in my life.

Wherever my adventures take me, home is always the best destination.

The Pramshed


4 thoughts on “Home game

  1. What a feel-good post! There really is no place like home. And we’re never too old for mum time! I totally understand wanting to look your best when you haven’t seen people for a while. I hope you find the perfect nail colour! One to enhance your tan! *googles nail colours to make me look tanned*
    6 weeks is a long time to be apart from the hubby but it sounds like you won’t have TOO much time to miss him properly as you’ll be having a fabulous time with your family and friends! It will fly by- hope you have a wonderful trip.
    Oh, and congratulations to your sister!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks! I went for a pinky red nails in the end, I did exactly what you said and got the one that made me look most tanned haha great minds. Loving being back already and know it will fly by


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