Shun, Sand and Sea

So this is my very first blog post ever! The subject of which I gave a lot of thought, as not wanting to start this new challenge with a mundane, minute by minute commentary on my life in the desert. So as the pressure mounts, I thought I would answer the most common of questions, when people hear that I’m living in Kuwait. Why!?

Just last week, on one of our “lets make the most of exploring the region” trips, we were sat having pre-dinner drinks in Oman. Firstly the novelty of a pre-dinner drink was marked with much anticipation, Kuwait being a dry country, that we had become more social than normal, sparking up conversations with our fellow cocktailees. The obligatory questions of who are you, how long have you been here, where you from? flow round the group as easy as the wine and canapes. We quickly established that the group of retired Brits from Wiltshire, Cambridgeshire and Oxfordshire, had practically carbon copy lives of bringing up the kids, now enjoying grandchildren and seeing the world. So evidently when it came to us, we were met with (which has become the normal reaction) immediate interest, fascination and more questions. Why is it that as soon as you step out of convention you become strange and exciting?

As an expat you quickly become used to having to live up to the expectation that people think you lead a glamorous life, seeing the world and living in exotic places. As to not disappoint we trundle out the standard patter of:

It was an opportunity that couldn’t be missed or I always wanted to see that part of the world or my favorite We thought why not, you only live once!

All of which are met with enthusiastic nods and smiles confirming you are living the dream and why not indeed. The fact is no doubt most of these people, leave after our brief meetings, thinking good for them, but are happy to go back to the “norm” as this life isn’t for everyone.

The day to day of any life is the same anywhere in the world but expat life brings challenges, which can make or break an experience. Yes you see some amazing places, come across people you would never usually meet, embrace new cultures and languages, get excited when you see a tin of Waitrose Jersey Royals appear in your supermarket! On the flip side you are always far from home, simple things like a postal services don’t exist, starting over every time you move and in my current position, enjoying a chilled glass of Pinot Grigio has been replaced with yet another glass of sparkling water!

That being said I would not live any other way (right now). I have had the privilege to come from one of the prettiest, friendliest, safest places in the world, I have spent 4 years living  in one of Europe’s most beautiful cities and now exploring the Middle East and the delights of Arabia. Kuwait is our home for as long as we want it to be and like everywhere we travel we embrace it, and I embrace being a little bit strange and exciting by shunning convention.




5 thoughts on “Shun, Sand and Sea

  1. at first things i can say : we thankfully and appreciated to all who choose the life in Kuwait by love and safe.
    well.. the fact in Kuwait at this time and place, we had many things to improving and dealing with Foreigners, which they are working together to Construction and development and prosperity, to how upgrade, between the state and the people. so whatever my people between positive and negative, should to required by out life, and to see days and places are opening by freedom and humanity.


  2. Oh my gosh! Congratulations on your first post ever! I feel very honored that you’ve shared that with us on #FlyAwayFriday! 🙂 Wow, it’s fascinating to read your perspective on being an expat. Since I grew up in Japan until I was 18 and now in the U.S, people ask me the same types of questions all the time even though I’m American citizen. Can’t wait for more posts!! Thanks so much for joining us on #FlyAwayFriday!

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  3. How cool!! I love that your exploring the Middle East and all the shock of living there! My aunt worked as a missionary nurse in Saudi Arabia for two years and she absolutely loved it! She’s Canadian so like you, came from a very safe place and loved the experience living somewhere soooo different! Cannot wait to see more and congrats on your first post!! Can’t wait to see your post next week on #FlyAwayFriday! Xo Chloe

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